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Buy Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 6006

  • Get to Know Who is Coming: Get to know who wants to visit you. Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer will inform and show who is/are willing to meet you and waiting at your doorsteps. Now, you will get the time to be prepared according to your visitor.
  • Get Secured: You will be more secured then before if you are using Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer. You can watch and verify visitors before they are entering your premise, and take action according to your verification. You are now safe from sudden attacks or other criminal offenses.
  • Cost Effective and Durable: The device is super cost effective, as it can operate up to 1500 times for viewing outside, on only 3 AA batteries. Again, it is tough and durable.
  • Smart and Slim Design : Smart and slim design looks pretty good.It’s Color is Black & White.


2.8 inch LCD with super clean image.
300,000 pixels sensor.
More than 1500 times outside view with 3 batteries
Wide angle view of 62 degree
Easy to install and maintain
Lightweight and consumes less power
Affordable pricing


Product Dimensions 5.75 x 3.54 x 1.18 inches
Product Weight 320 gms
Screen Size 2.5 inch LCD Screen
Sensor Capacity 300,000 Pixels
Source of Power 3 AA Batteries
Diameter of Peephole Barrel 12 mm to 30 mm
Door Diameter 35 mm to 90 mm

Why use this?

Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer is an attractive and popular automation device of these days, especially in developed countries. In Bangladesh, the use and popularity of such device is increasing day by day. Many brands and models of this type of device are available today in Bangladesh; among those PS DV 2500 Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer is one of the most used, most affordable and most reliable Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer. The device has a built in 2.5 inch high quality LCD display, which provides clear and crisp videos. The built in sensor of the device is of 300,000 pixels, that means high resolution. Not only this, PS DV 2500 Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer is super cost efficient. Firstly, you can buy the door viewer at a very affordable price in Bangladesh. Secondly, it needs only 3 regular AA size batteries to operate and by those batteries you can take outside view of more than 1500 times. Surely it is the most affordable and appropriate Digital Peephole Video Door Viewer available in the country, as per my opinion.

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