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Buy Guard Tour Patrol Monitoring System in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 6002

  • Optical Sensor: There are High Optical Sensor in Guard Tour Patrol Monitoring System by which works will be done very quick.
  • Quick User Recognition: User can easily recognize this device within 1 minute.
  • Easy Data Transfer: There are also very easy way to transfer data from device. By USB PORT you can transfer data manually.
  • Huge Storage Capacity: It contains huge storage capacity and it can store more than 500 template continuously.
  • Fingerprint Enroller: This device contains selected one’s fingerprint by Fingerprint enroller .
  • Location Tag: which  locations would be  the guards attendance area ,you have to bye that location tag.
  • Software:It is not possible to work without software,so we also give you the software.


·         Reliable ZK optical sensor
·         Stores 500 templates
·         1.44-inch color TFT screen for easy navigation
·         Less than 1 second user recognition
·         500 Fingerprints,1000 cards,30,000 logs
·         USB port for manual data transfers
·         IP65 rated
·         Shock Resistant
·         IP 65 rated water proof and dustproof
·         Built-in RF card reader 125KHz ( Optional 13.56 MHz)
·         Infrared auto sleep figerprint sensors
·         Stand by battery backup- 168 hours(7 days)
·         DK available for further development


·         Fingerprint Capacity: ·         500 templates
·         Transaction Capacity ·         30,000 transactions
·         RFID Card Capacity ·         1,000 cards
·         Sensor ·         Infrared Auto-sleep Optical Sensor
·         Algorithm Version ·         ZK Finger v10.0
·         Built-in Card Reader ·         125kHz RFID proximity reader
·         Communication ·         USB-client
·         Protection Rating ·         IP65
·         Optional Functions ·         PULL SDK for development
·         Power Supply ·         5V 800mA
·         Operating Humidity ·         20% - 80%
·         Dimension ·         52.4 X 162.4 X 46.5mm

Why use this?

If you want to know the accurate performance of your security guard in your office,company or house then you can obviously use this Guard Tour Patrol Monitoring System.And in Dhaka Bangladesh this valuable product is brought to you by Projuktishop. This is an electronic system and there are contains a device, a enroller by which you can give selected security guards finger. there are also a tag which is attached with wall and for keeping your data or information it also contains software.
First,you take fingers data with enroller into software and then by those data the software will register the details of a security guard.
you can set this fingerprint device and anyone should give finger after 3 hours serialy. In.In that case you can install tag in the selected space of your factory,office or giving finger gradually after 3 hours anybody can be recognized that he or she came to himself.At the end of duty guard will give that finger documents to owner or giving that data into software,admin can easily understand about the guards duty time or his activity.So,if you want to ensure your security guards duty then obviously this Guard Tour Patrol Monitoring System is compulsory for you.

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