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Buy High Quality Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 3004

  • Different Types & Size: Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors has 3 different types: Round, Square, Curving convex mirrors and these come in 24inch, 32inch and 39inch
  • Long Distance Covered: covers long distance surveillance clearly for ensuring security of vehicles.
  • Easy To Install: Wall fittings and angling can be done easily due to its superb user friendliness.
  • Adaptability: any kind of cleaning liquids or just clean piece of napkin to clean the Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors works fine; it can adapt both.
  • Using Area: parking mirror for garage, hospital, home, office, factory or any other site where vehicles have parking facility.

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·         Wide viewing angles ranging from 24inch to 39inch sizes covering long angular distance
·         Easy and convenient to install and adjust
·         Light-weight of the product ensures its easiness of use
·         Choose from 3 different shapes as you wish: Round, Square, Curving convex mirrors; quality is not compromised
·         Handy and long-lasting vehicle security tool, very much profitable for garage businesses
·         Product handling is easy and there is hardly any feasible maintenance cost


·         Name ·         High quality indoor convex mirror glass
·         Dimension ·         Different
·         Mirror material ·         imported PC or acrylic
·         Mirror back material ·         Engineering plastic.
·         Color ·         Different
·         Measurement ·         Different
·         Diameter ·         Different
·         Weight ·         Different
·         Installment type ·         outdoor

Why use this?

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are vehicle security mirrors which are proudly preented to you by Projuktishop. In case you are looking for reliable parking area surveillance mirrors, perhaps this one is suitable for you. Let’s get straight to the facts and benefits of Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors. Firstly, there are 3 different types (shapes) of mirrors for you to choose between: round, square and curving convex mirrors and all of them come in a distant coverage area of 24inch, 32inch and 39inch sizes. This leaves you in comfort of choosing the suitable one. Secondly, you get assured of the wide area under clear watch (viewing) when Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are in use. It has anti-crash characteristic allowing a long-term usage experience. Thirdly, it is very easy and convenient to use and adjust as needed. Fourthly, imported PC or Acrylic is used for the mirror material and Engineering Plastic for the mirror back material which set the state for a vivid and pin-point viewing of the destined area. Fifthly, Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors need almost no additional maintenance after installation which keeps its maintenance cost in a very comfortable figure for you. The only kind of maintenance can be applied is the cleaning of the mirror; clean clothes and warm water or any glass cleaning liquid is suitable for it, thus no need to worry about Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror’s maintenance whatsoever. Then finally, you get to use the product at house garage, factory, office, hospital or at any area that you wish to provide security to parked vehicles. A wide range of usage areas can be reliably covered by Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors. In case of business prospects, if you are a garage owner or you wish to provide vehicle surveillance convex mirrors to any firm, you might love to choose this product. The key reasons are stated above already, moreover, with a one-time investment, the relentless long-term reliable vehicle surveillance is assured by Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors. That’s how you gain trust in business and perform better as days go on. Its anti-UV radiation mechanism keeps the state of longevity intact and makes sure it works properly for years. Vivid angling view by the mirror also ensures potential parts theft is prohibited. Thus in all positive sense, Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors is a profitable and very much reliable catch for you.

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