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Buy Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 5001

  • Stainless Steel Arm: This Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile is made by steel, for which there is no chance to rust. And in our Bangladesh there are huge importance for it.
  • Auto Rotate Arm: For it’s auto rotate arm there is no disturbance to use. It turns and turns around in a place. For that reason it can be installed in few space too.
  • Rotation Control: You can easily control auto rotate. Whatever the speed is , it is possible to control easily.
  • Anti Tail Gating: By this gate only one person can enter at the same time. As a result any kinds disorder will not happen. And everything would be constitutional.
  • Quick Response Time:This wonderful Semi Automatic tripod turnstile has enough ability to verify and give order to round-trip within 0.3 seconds which stood at almost 5 Person. In other words within 1 minute 25 person can cross this Semi Automatic Tripod Turnstile.
  • Warranty:There is no alternative for better security except this device. We are giving after sells support from the date of sell to 12 months.


·         Quick Pass Time
·         Smart Response
·         Stainless Steel Arm
·         Low Power Cost
·         Warranty


·         Power Supply Input ·         AC230 ± 10V
·         Power Voltage ·         24 V DC
·         Power Consumption During Idle AC ·         0.07 Amp DC : 0.16 Amp
·         Power Consumption During Operation ·         AC : 0.02 Amp DC : 0.72 Amp
·         Passage width ·         60 cm
·         Response Time ·         0.3 second
·         Pass Speed ·         25 person per minute
·         Housing / Arm ·         Stainless Steel
·         Internal Mechanism ·         Mild Steel
·         Arm Disc ·         Alloy chromed
·         Working temperature o   -25Ԩ - 55Ԩ
·         Turnstile Net Weight ·         52 kg
·         Turnstile Net Dimension ·         99 x 48 x 28 cm
·         Turnstile weight with packaging box ·         60Kg
·         Turnstile dimension with packaging box ·         125 x 103 x 33 cm

Why use this?

Sometimes we see that many people want to enter into a place together. As a result we also can notice that people began disorder. And that’s the reason to use this type of hinder system. Suppose there are 5 gates in a stadium and if 25 thousand people enter by those gates then 5 Thousands of people will be sure to enter by each gate. Again you have to be careful that any types of accident doesn’t happen. Considering all these things, people started to use this Buy Semi Automatic Electronic Tripod Turnstile in Dhaka Bangladesh gate system in Bangladesh.

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