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Buy Super Shop Island Gondola Connector in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 18003

  • Flexible Gondola Connector: It is design such a way that the user can easily use Super Shop Island Gondola Connector with other connectors, starter and end Gondolas.
  • Standard and Qualified Design with Color: This Gondola connectors are made keeping in mind of its standard and color that could easily match with your shops or stores.
  • Specious Selves: The user of this Gondola connector will be able to keep any types of store products without hassle as each of the selves are enough specious.
  • Customizable Shelves and length: You can get this product according to your requirement for length and shelves.
  • Maximum Stabilities Ensured: The Super Shop Island Gondola Connector will serve you longer time.
  • Product Display Friendly: You can display and arrange the product simply and the customers also could pick the required product easily form this Gondola Shelves.

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·         Flexible Gondola Connector, easily possible to connect connectors, end and starter.
·         Highly standard Design add additional standard to the shop.
·         Ensure longer use and maximum durability.
·         Perfect display products facilities.
·         Customizable selves.
·         Changeable length and height.


·         Products Brand and type ·         Island Gondola Connector
·         Material ·         Cold roll steel
·         Surface treatment ·         Powder coated
·         Color ·         Custom requirement available
·         Design ·         Double-sided
·         Thickness of upright ·         1.8-2.5mm
·         Thickness of layer panel ·         0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm
·         Thickness of back panel ·         0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm
·         Thickness of bracket ·         1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5mm
·         Double sided dimension ·         1200x500x2000mm
·         Double sided dimension ·         1200x1000x1800mm
·         End shelf detention ·         1000x500x1800mm
·         OEM ·         Available
·         Amount of layers ·         Customer require available

Why use this?

When we think about a super shop or large stores and when the question of product display comes to us the only possible reply is Gondola shelves. Today I am going to discus about Super Shop Island Gondola Connector This is such types of thing by which you can perfectly display all the category based product on this Gondola shelves. This Connector Gondola is made in such a way so that you can connect it with the Starter Gondola and End Gondola without effort; The fact is the last direction of this gondola is made considering with starter and end Gondola so that the user will not suffer for connecting these gondola shelves with each other. As, these connector gondolas are adjustable and easily instable so, the user will not feel any hazard of installing it in their shops and store. The production company of this  “Super Shop Island Gondola Connector” used high quality durability materials for adding it longer stability which will serve you best time duration.  The most important features of this Gondola Connector shelves is it’s customizable size and height, now you are getting your Super shop gondolas according to the requirement of your shop size and space measurement. You also can have the shelves limit with these Gondola connectors. Often it is seen that the products are not being able to place on the shelves due to space consumption, but as it is Specious Gondola Connector so you can easily arrange your products on the shelves of this “Super Shop Island Gondola Connector” without any trouble. Sometimes it is seen that people like to market on those shops which are standard with looking view and that’s why the design and color combination is technically selected so that it can enhance your standard look of your super shop. Installing these Gondola connector is very easy and hazard free. The entire fragments of The Gondola Connectors are  provided with a packing state and a manual will also be included for rebuilding it in anywhere with minimum effort. Along with rest of the world this “Super Shop Island Gondola Connector” and its accessories is now available in the Dhaka market too. So, you can have it anytime if you wish.


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