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Buy Supermarket Slat Wall Gondola Rack in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 18024

  • Custom-Made Offer: Projuktishop are providing wide range forms of Slat Wall Gondola Rack for our customers. So you can choose your suitable form here. If your supermarket needs small slat wall, then we will provide you. If you also can choose bigger shape if you need. 
  • Variety of Dimensions: You will be very glad to know that we have the capability of offering different types and dimensions of this gondola. So you can choose the perfect sizing that your supermarket needs. 
  • Rust Resistance: Our element gondola allows damage and deterioration level of resistance option. This gondola will not get ruined easily. It will be able to provide the service for decades.
  • Heavy Performance: Slat Wall Gondola Rack allows 5 racks. These 5 racks can have absolutely at least 300 kg of products. You can also put your item on the holders. Thus you can display your items in these 5 racks as well as the holder.
  • Easy To Use: This surfaces gondola is really easy to use. You can clean it at when you want; also can fit anywhere you want. Very easy to set up.



·         Customizable shapes, sizes and types
·         Heavy performance for a supermarket or super shop
·         Rust and corrosion resistant
·         Easy maintenance

Why use this?

Slat Wall Gondola Rack is free standing racks accessories and popular among super shop or supermarket owners due to their flexibility and convenience of use. With a countless display choices and the capability to support a lot of weight, they are ideal for supermarket or super shops that offer little items, such as art provides or pet items, or huge items, like electronic devices and books. This flexible accessory Slat Wall Gondola Rack is available in various designs, shapes and sizes. While they can be a huge financial commitment for your supermarket business and your super shop floor-plan, Slat Wall Gondola Rack will provide you with a big come back.

Try to do Slat Wall Gondola Rack with products you display in bulk. Due to their size, Slat Wall Gondola Rack is able of showing a lot of inventory at once. Take benefits of it — it will help you reduce again on restocking and will motivate customer self-service. Furthermore, ensure that you are getting full benefits of their storing prospective. Do ensure that marketing is noticeable and available. Though Slat Wall Gondola Rack is generally used as racks models, you can begin to play their back again board as well. Typically gondolas have a pegboard or slat walls board, and suppliers can choose racks, hook varieties or other display components to hold and display their products. If you are using their racks, simple series are the best way to show off marketing. Slat Wall Gondola Rack is fantastic for an exhibition of items and this is one of the key points to its efficiency, it can be modified regularly with the different kinds of components and adds one’s to support different kinds of stock across a large amount of shapes and sizes. Slat Wall Gondola Rack is dual on the supermarket shelves with slatted back sections on each side to use with panel areas link kinds and panel areas components. The product can be along with higher shelves if required to make a mixture display of shelved and panel areas reveals. Slat Wall Gondola Rack is provided in a variety of levels, activities and overall absolute depths mean that it can be along with any other gondola shelves kinds of the same size and details to generate a gondola shelves run.

Slat Wall Gondola Rack is great if you want to enhance the set up your supermarket or grocery shop. This gondola is made to be placed in an area where the customer can walk around the device, getting proper and full view of all items, compared with one on the edges self storage space styles where up to half of the position can get lost. For a supermarket the Slat Wall Gondola Rack provides the best base for product display. Enabling a supermarket to items its stock exactly as it wishes. For example outfits can be confirmed as an outfit with appropriate components such as ties, purses and cosmetics can also confirmed next to those things. This gives the super shop the opportunity to enhance add on sales as they can display a complete look all together. Slat Wall Gondola Rack allows changing items link kinds accordingly to different activities of outfits. So you can easily make changes to the display as services come in your super shop. The gap between the lines can be reduced accordingly when it is customized. The choices of shelves and other entrepreneurs that can get in contact on can provide outstanding looking wide range to the display. Even for displaying electronic products such as mobile cell phones, and other items can get in contact to the Slat Wall Gondola. Our Slat Wall Gondola Rack can be used with any of the panel areas components such as sloping hands, straight hands and entrepreneurs. There is a gap between the extrusions, which are made from sturdy steel to ensure that large product continues to be safe when merchandised. Racks can also be set to our slat wall gondolas.

When used effectively, Slat Wall Gondola Rack can be the base of a welcoming and interesting supermarket or super shop. Take advantage of out of these components, and they will help you and your customers for years to come.

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