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Buy ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 1016

  • Internationalized Factor Design: ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine provides Intuitive and amazing UI developed with the most well-known and internationalized aspect.
  • Interface: Interface function assumes modularized hierarchical style.
  • Easy to Extend: ZKTECO X-628C is easier, Better and More sensible to use.
  • Faster Related Speed:This Device faster related time is less than 0.5 second.
  • User Identification: Innovative User ID contains characters and numbers.
  • Serial and Ethernet Port: ZKTECO X-628C has built-in Serial and Ethernet ports.

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·         Data Backup and retrieve
·         Advanced User ID consisted of letters and numbers
·         More flexible menu configuration: double line text display
·         Easy to extend functions and customize customer’s demand.
·         Cheap encryption for firmware protection
·         User validity settings.


·         Fingerprint Capacity ·         3000
·         ID Card Capacity ·         10,000 (Optional)
·         Record Capacity ·         1,00,000
·         Display ·         3 inch
·         Communication ·         RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host
·         Standard Functions ·         Work code, SMS, DST, Scheduled bell, Self Service query etc.
·         Optional Functions ·         ID/Mifare/HID, Photo ID, ADMS, Web server, External bell and Printer
·         Software ·         ZKTime. Net 3.0
·         Power Supply ·         DC 5V 0.8 A
·         Verification Speed ·         ≤ 1 Sec
·         Operating Temp. ·         0 °C- 45 °C
·         Operating Humidity ·         20% - 80%
·         Dimension (L X W X T) ·         190 X 135.8 X 51.5 mm
·         Net Weight ·         0.9 Kg

Why use this?

ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine has undergone an update to the New Firmware. It brings many new encounters, such as the new amazing GUI, rock-solid balance, faster related rate and better expandability. So, X-628C users can simply handle information by social media X628-C via RS232/485, TCP/IP, and USB-host. Most significantly, all the features can still function in a networking condition. X628-C is interface with various kinds of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine also facilitates information back-up and recovery to avoid the threat of random removal. X-628C fingerprint reader encourages the finger print time & presence control to the next level. You can get the best of advantages from the X628-C. This is why presents ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine the biometric fingerprint reader now in Bangladesh. User-friendly and amazing UI designed with the most popular and internationalized factor. The user interface function of ZKTECO X-628C assumes modularized ordered design. X-628C is simple, better and more logical to use. It means that, Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design which makes the device Simpler, Better and More logical. It has cheap encryption for firmware protection. The Quicker related speed is less than one second. ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine also provides excellent expandability. It has the capacity of 3000 fingerprint recognize and 10000 ID card capacity along with 100000 record capacity. The 3inch display will make easy to operate. As a result, it is very easy to improve features and personalize customers’ demand. X-628C enhanced features and performance. Standard Function generates work code, SMS, DST, scheduled-bell, self-service query, automatic status switch, web server, external printer, five digit user ID, multiple verify mode and so on. The net weight is about 0.9kg along with dimension so that it could borrow easily and safely. The power supply system is in range which is about DC 5V 0.8A. X-628C fingerprint reader also helps to data back-up and recovery. It measures innovative customer ID contains characters and numbers. The processor security is for firmware protection. X-628C also measures dual line written text show. It has built-in Sequential and Ethernet slots and many more! So, be hurry and buy ZKTECO X-628C Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine today!!! (User manual will be available)

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