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Electro Magnetic (EM) Door Lock in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 6003

Material: Electronic Magnetic (EM) Door Lock made by pure stainless steel. For it’s stainless steel nobody can break the door or enter by the door also. As a result your home or office will stay more secure.

Holding Force: Generally in the case of this type of door locker,there are different kinds of holding force Such as 280 KG,480KG,580KG or more by which nobody can does anything to your door. That means if someone stood in the amount of 800 kg of force, however this will be vulnerable to the door locker.

Using Area : Basically Electronic Magnetic (EM) Door Lock is used for Wooden Door, Metal Door, Fireproof Door and others.

Low Current Consumption: Such kinds of Electronic devices are used by very low power costs. It runs by only 6 to 12 volt (DC).So in the end of the month you will be happy more for you bill.

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·         For single door
·         Meets ANSI/BhmAA156.23-2004 standard
·         Fit for door thickness: 35 to 55mm
·         Material: Stainless Steel
·         Fail Secure, open when powered (NO Mode)
·         Durable and silence operation



Voltage DC 6-12V
Current 450mA
Holding 180 LBS,280 LBS, 650 LBS
Signal Output Not
Opening Mode 90 degree swinging door
Dimension Different
Surface Temperature    ≤+20C
Suitable Humidity   0~90%(non-condensing)

Why use this?

Electronic Magnetic (EM) Door Lock is the most essential product for your home or office security in Bangladesh. If you want to use access control system in your home or office , then you can also secure your door by this product.

By using This Electronic Magnetic (EM) Door Lock nobody can enter by that door without your electronic permission,That means if your security system allows the specific people to enter then this door locker works for opening the door. if anybody wants to break down your official or residential door then they can’t, because this door is made by original Stainless Steel. This smart door lock system is made with highly holding force also.So, if you want you can use different power door locker such as 500 kg,600 kg or more.This door locker is used in different kinds of door as like wooden door, glass door,metal door etc.

Suppose you have wooden door and you want to use this Electronic Magnetic (EM) Door Locker on that door.In that case you can use it very easily.On the other hand if the door is made by glass then you can also use this door locker system.That means when you need this type of product you can choose these for your requirement.It runs by very low electricity. That’s why it saves your money also.This Electronic Magnetic (EM) Door Lock is run by only 6 to 12 DC volt.So if you want to keep your secure then you must use this door locker system.

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