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Buy ID Card Printing Hologram Sticker in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 7003

It’s Transparent: It is absolutely transparent. If you look at the other side from this side of the ID card hologram sticker, you will see everything very easily. However, the hologram is that in the middle. everything can be seen on the sidelines of  hologram.

Shows Different Images: After printing one ID Card,if it contains one of employee’s information,for viewing that this hologram will not barrier.Even if you want to use this sticker on the printed cards,then you turn around it and can see different types of image or some text for security.

Good Quality Adhesive:  In the case of this type of sticker, what kind of Adhesive are used is a primary issue.Because if the quality of Adhesive is not so good then after some days  it will be up and there are some spots will be seen on the ID Card.So, the quality of gum should be very good and be careful that the gum doesn’t causes any harm to ID Card.


Size (in): 3.268" x 2.008" (83.00x51.00 mm) Fits to standard ID card Credit card size
·         Transparent, will not abstract ID Card image
·         Micro Secure Technology and Specially formulated CRYSTAL CLEAR ADHESIVE
Pill off Label from the backing, stick on ID Card and it is protected
·         Holographic image allows a crystal clear view of ID card information.
·         Shows different images at different angles!
·         Tamper Evident Adhesive - If hologram is removed it ruins the hologram and card·

Why use this?

For several years,ID Card printing works has started widely in our country.Starting from office to school,college and university’s introduction, PVC ID Card Priting has skyscraper appreciation. These type of ID Card’s are easily forged and in that case many types of accidents are occurs. Due to this reason, many company strive to find different types of solution. Just for them using  this ID Card Hologram Sticker is recommended. There are various types of ID Card Hologram Sticker, each of these has different meanings. In addition, for security there are many types of stickers. Normally this type of ID Card is used after printing and generally people uses this because it is not easily broken.morever this stickers prices are not too much and it contains absolutely available in our around. Even it is used on the several boxes, envelops and products.

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