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Intelligent Vehicle Parking Barrier Gate System in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 3002

  • Intelligent Smart Motor Control System :  Advanced smart motor control system is combined with unique lever design to achieve swift arm movement that reduces bouncing at end position This Vehicle Parking Barrier Gate.
  • Double Accuracy: Uses motor encoder sensor and optical slot sensor as double fail safe sensor to ensure arm still open / close correctly should either sensor failed. Double sensor also detects open and close position with higher accuracy.
  • Fast Speed : 1.8 sec fast opening /closing speed allow more car to pass through faster thus effectively reducing congestion during peak hours.
  • Safety System: Arm will auto-reverse when hitting an obstacle during closing. Photo beam can be added to autoreverse the arm ahead of time before hitting approaching vehicle or human.
  • User Friendly: In the event of power failure, arm can be easily lifted up by insert a key from outside to unlock the clutch. There is no need to open up entire casing to avoid any vandalism attempt of internal parts.
  • Using Area: Parking area at airport, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factories, condominium, car rental companies etc.

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Heavy Duty
Speedy Detection
Smart Safety system
User friendly
Double accuracy
Strong arm


Mechanical temperature -40° to 75 C
Electrical temperature -10° to 75 C
Power supply input 220V ± 10% AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 80 watt
Relative humidity < 90 %
Arm speed 1 , 1.8, 3 , 6 second
Internal lubrication Grease
Max starting torque 1 second : 1.4±0.2 N.M | 3 / 6 second : 0.87±0.1 N.M
AC rotation speed 1 second : 440±40 RPM | 3/6 second : 900±50 RPM

Why use this?

We use cars for our daily activities, but to control the car properly if we want to do something in database system then we would need this Intelligent Vehicle Parking Barrier Gate System. it car barrier system by which you will be able to work many together. such as you have a huge market where many cars have come daily. for the estimates of those cars, if you use this Intelligent Vehicle Parking Barrier Gate System by software then you can easily notice When the car came to parking and when a word you can get all the data about those addition, if you like you can also record video with the cars plate number. Think again, you have a office and there are more than 200 people using the parking. in that case, if you want that any outside car Can not enter in your office parking area then we can help you by  RFID System. the car which have given permission can enter only. and which haven’t, we can use a switch by manual system by which Their cars can be allowed to enter. Overall If you want a smart solution then this Intelligent Vehicle Parking Barrier Gate System Bring benefits to you must.
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