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Vigilance VA 707 Standalone Fingerprint Device in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 1006

  • Multi Identification Formats: VA 707 Fingerprint Access Control Device supports fingerprints, PIN or ID cards for access control purpose. You can use each of these formats individually or all of these together as per your requirement.
  • Minimum Identification Time: The device takes only one second to identify, grant and deny access which makes the device super efficient.
  • Notification Feature: VA 707 Fingerprint Access Control Device has both light and audio notification, which makes it easier to understand whether the access has been granted or denied.
  • Smart Design: It has an elegant but rugged outlook. Same time, it is attractive and tough, smart and durable by design.
  • Highly Reliable: The device produces highly accurate device all the time, takes very minimum time and has a very long lasting lifetime. In one word, it is a super reliable access control device.


Multiple Identification Option
Great User Capacity
Quality Identification Sensor
Low Reading Time
Multiple Notification Option
Inbuilt Door Access Controller
Elegant and Rugged Design


Processor Type Standard Type Processor
Identification Options Fingerprint, PIN and Card
Device User Capacity Fingerprints: 200ID Cards: 2000
Sensor Type Optical Sensor
Time for Identification Approx. 1 Second
Keypad 12 Numeric Keys with 4 Function Keys
Indication Green and Red LEDs, for Access Granted and Access Denied Indication, Along with Audio Alarm (Voice or Beep)
Device Dimensions (L x W x H) 8cm x 4.2cm x 18.3cm
Input Power 12 VDC
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 degree Celsius

Why use this?

Vigilance VA707 Standalone Fingerprint Access Control Device is the best choice in Bangladesh, in case of access control devices, if you want a highly productive and reliable access control device within a comparatively lower price. From outside, it has a rugged and elegant design. It is quite reasonable in size and has a tough casing which enhances its durability. From inside, it is consists of a powerful microprocessor and a huge user records storage capacity, which makes the device so much productive, accurate and convenient. You can use fingerprints, ID cards and PIN as identification formats for access control process. You can use each of these formats individually or even together. VA 707 Fingerprint Access Control Device identifies users in 1 second. The device needs very low amount of energy to operate. Super speed and low energy consumption makes the device super productive one. You can buy this product at a cheap price in Bangladesh.

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