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Buy Vigilance VT400 Fingerprint Attendance Device in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 1002

  • Display:  Vigilance VT400 Fingerprint Attendance Device has 2.8’’ display . As a result you will easily see many information’s on the display of time attendance machine.
  • User Capacity:  This Vigilance VT400  has the facility of compiling of 1000 users. That means it can store 1000 users data.
  • Transaction Capacity:  VT400 has the data transfer capacity of 80,000 on the stored data which surely help you.
  • SSR Reporting:  It has Self-Service-Reporting (SSR) facility – when anyone use it , then his/her attendance will be record automatically.
  • Detection Mode:  It has both the play and plug options. Vigilance VT400 Fingerprint Attendance Device works through TCP/IP. So data transfer is very easy.
  • Low Power Consumption: Vigilance VT400 Fingerprint Device can work using just 5 Volt DC and 1.5 amp.Can you imagine that you can enjoy all the facilities all the year round with a very low electricity bill.


·         2.8″ Color TFT Screen
·         Fingerprint Identification & Pin
·         TCP/IP Network
·         SSR Attendance Report
·         Built-in USB Port
·         Plug & Play


·         Display ·         2.8″ TFT Screen
·         User Capacity ·         1,000
·         RFID Card Capacity ·         1,000
·         Transactions Capacity ·         80,000
·         Identification Mode ·         Fingerprint, Card & PIN
·         Communications ·         TCP/IP, USB Host
·         Identification Time ·         Within 2 sec
·         FAR ·         <=0.0001%
·         FRR ·         <=0.1%
·         Operating Temperature ·         0C-45C
·         Operating Humidity ·         20% – 80%
·         Power Supply ·         5V DC 1.5A
·         Dimension ·         140 (L) x 30(W) x 185(H) mm

Why use this?

Vigilance VT400 Fingerprint Attendance Device is one of the best fingerprint machines in the world. Because it lasts many days. If it is used properly, it is not damaged easily. It is very useful in the aspect of Bangladesh.

Vigilance VT400 Fingerprint Device has great demand in Bangladesh as the offices of our country are getting automated say by day. Fingerprint problem solutions offer you the VT400 fingerprint machine from the Vigilance Company. Because it offers you 2.8’’ color TFT screen where fingerprint will be observed in large form.It has both fingerprint identification,RFID and pin code system by which each has separate pin code beside the individual fingerprint. VT400 fingerprint machine has automated attendance recorder.

It has large transaction capacity of taking 80,000 fingerprints. For communication it has both the USB port along with TCP/IP.VT400 fingerprint machine confirms security and removes worries about unwanted entry of unexpected men. It ensures punctuality of office staffs. There is no second option for high security of it. VT400 fingerprint machines ensure that “ You are You”. Hence, twins may have the same face, color, height or body weight ; but never have the same fingerprints.Using Card identifies the man’s details. It may have lost. But fingerprint never losts. As VT400 fingerprint machine records the entrance time , so the accurate in and out is ensured through which a company gets its staffs in accurate time and also the peak production. Receptionist or security may have done the wrong , but machine never do any mistakes. The Malaysian VT400 fingerprint machine can run using only 5 volt of electricity. It can serve 1 hour after causing of load-shedding.It takes only 2 seconds to take a man’s record/identity.

It  works in 0-43degree celcious and in 20-80% humidity . You will find this beautiful machine in Bangladesh.

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