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Wi-Fi Doorbell Video Door Phone & EM Lock in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 6001

  • Large Display: There are 2 kinds of display in this Wi-Fi Doorbell Video Door Phone. One is 4 inch and the other is 7 inch. You can choose one by own.
  • Pin Hole IR Camera: It has an infrared pin hole camera by which you can easily talk by seeing your face at night except day.
  • Built in Speaker: It has been attached with one speaker and one microphone. As a result you can talk and listen visitor’s talking.
  • Capture Photo & Video: If you wish then you can easily record visitor’s picture and video calling by mobile app.
  • Configure With EM Lock Control: If you want then you can easily configure it with electromagnetic lock and you can unlock that door by mobile app from anywhere.
  • Operate Anywhere in the World: You can do your all work by this Wi-Fi Doorbell Video Door Phone from anywhere. But in that case your phone must have Internet.


·         Talk/Monitor/Unlock/Warning
·         PIR motion Detection
·         IR Camera
·         4” & 7” Monitor
·         SMPS Power Supply
·         Touch Panel


·         AC Input Voltage ·         12V / 2 Amp
·         Electric Lock Support ·         Yes
·         Video Transmission standard ·         VGA/720P
·         Camera Sensor Type ·         C MOS (1/3") 2 Mega Pixel
·         Connection by ·         WiFi B/G/N or LAN Port
·         Motion Detection by ·         PIR Sensor (Optional)
·         Night Vision IR LED ·         Yes (6 Nos)
·         Effective Viewing Angle ·         140 deg. super width
·         Audio ·         1.2 Watt Speaker & Microphone
·         Dimension ·         65 (W) x 150(H) x 40(D) mm
·         Distance of Monitor from Outdoor Station ·         Anywhere in the world (Smartphone should be on Internet)
·         Operating Systems Supported ·         Android & IOS

Why use this?

The visitor press wifi doorbell picture will appear in smartphone or tablet on wifi or internet. User can talk with visitor and also unlock the door. the wifi doorbell also has PIR motion sensor. which will be ON when somebody is moving front of doorbell.User can also capture picture or video. Can alos monitor doorbell outside area.we use many security product to secure our houses such as electric lock, CCTV System,motion detector etc. today I will discuss about such an wonderful product which you will must choice.

Product’s name : WIFI Doorbell phone .

Suppose you have to go out for work and at that time someone want to come your home. Then what will you do???

But nowadays there is no more tension for this . because if there is someone to your door then you will get notification and you can also video chat with that person by this WIFI Doorbell phone.Let's have a look what other features include:

this WIFI doorbell phone has two types TFT color display. One is 4 inch TFT color display and other is 7 inch TFT color display . you can easily choose one by own choice. IR Camera means Infrared Camera by which you can see black and white. Even you can video chat with this at night except day and at night it gives you black and white picture or video. Moreover 2 megapixel camera gives you HD video which has 720 p resolution. You can also record picture or video by mobile app.

this doorbell system has 1.2 watt’s built in speaker and microphone by which you can talk with visitor and also can listen directly. If there is anyone at your door or if anyone can try to break your door then you can easily notified by this PIR motion detector, If you wish you can connect it with your rowter.As a result you can control your door by internet from anywhere in the supports android and ios. As a result you can also get all facility by your mobile. you can easily attach steel body or crc body electromagnetic lock with this device. As a result nobody can break it easily and you can unlock your door from outside by mobile app.this WIFI Doorbell Phone is made by metal. As result nobody can break it. If anyone tries to break then you will get notification and then you can take your step.this device has SMPS Power supply, by which there is no disturbance with electricity. you can use it in front of your door. Moreover it is also used in warehouse, office gate, baby care centre etc. Mainly it depends on your demand. But keep in mind this device is not suitable for outdoor. That means It can be soaked in the rain and It can’t not be fitted in the sunshine. It would be better if it is only used indoors.

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