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Buy Original Zebra P330i ID Card Printer in Bangladesh

Product Code: PS 7008

  • Personal ID & Access Control: Personal Identification Cards for individual identity and access control is very much popular and widely used nowadays. In every sector, there is a need of Personal ID Card for various purposes like individual identity, access control, additional information etc. Zebra P330i ID Card Printer is super able in printing modern Personal ID Cards with bar codes for access control or other purpose.
  • Stored Value & Gift Cards: As marketing promotion, Stored Value and Gift Cards are given. These contain special bar codes or magnetic strips where the gift item, amount, card holder information etc are being recorded. This particular printer is highly affordable and effective in printing high quality and accurate Stored Value and Gift Cards.
  • Loyalty & Membership Cards: Through Zebra P330i ID Card Printer, you can print high quality and a huge numbers of Loyalty and Membership cards. These cards declare the cardholder as their loyal one or as the member of an organization or club. By using these cards one can get instant discount or can gather points for future transactions to get discounts or gifts.
  • Event Cards: Events cards are printed during an ongoing event. For example, various retail stores provide event cards on special days like Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Halloween Night, Winter or Summer Sale Season etc. Those cards hold special offers, which is valid only for that particular day or event period. Zebra P330i ID Card Printer is ideal and super efficient in printing Event Cards.
  • Warranty: No Warranty for printer Head.


Print Resolution of 300 dpi
LCD display (16 Character)
Innovative Angled Card Feeder Design
FCC, CCC, CE, CUL, UL Approved
Free Air Ventilation
Multiple Bar Codes Support
UHF Generation 2 RFID Encoder


Printing Type Single Sided Printing
Printing Color Capability Full Color and Monochrome
Printing Method Direct to Card Dye Sublimation
Card Feeder Capacity 220 Cards
Memory Option 20 MB
Printing Speed Full Color: 144 Cards Per HourMonochrome: 692 Cards Per Hour
Printer Dimensions (W x H x D) 462 x 256 x 239 mm
Printer Weight 7 Kgs
Host Interfaces Ethernet, USB 2.0
Working Temperature 15 to 30 degree Celsius
Storage Temperature -5 to 70 degree Celsius
Input Power Requirement 100 to 240 volts

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Zebra P330i ID Card Printer is an awesome innovation of Zebra Technology. It is super effective, ultra efficient but highly affordable. It is just the ideal business ID card printer for using in Bangladesh. You can print various types of cards in a very high speed and superb quality. The printer has a brilliant print resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi). It has both monochrome and full color printing option. The printer comes with built in 20 MB internal memory for better operational competency. You will get a 16 digit LCD operator screen for higher convenience of use. : Zebra P330i ID Card Printer supports multiple bar code symbologies, which makes the printer more flexible and versatile for use. You can use this printer to print Personal ID cards for personal identification or access control in offices, laboratories, schools, colleges etc., to print promotional Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Event Cards etc. You will get many benefits from one device. The printer is also FCC, CCC, CE, CUL, UL approved, which certifies its reliability and effectiveness. You can buy this product from Bangladesh now. It is now available at a very affordable price in the country.

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